Financial statements

The Consolidated financial reporting of the Bank and its subsidiaries is compiled, pursuant to the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), in accordance with the activity continuation principle, as well as according to the rules established in the corresponding regulatory enactments, and reflects clear understanding of activities of the Bank and its subsidiaries.

The Council and the Board of the Bank bear responsibility for compilation and approval of the Consolidated financial reporting of the Bank and its subsidiaries.

Updated information in relation to the information indicated in the Report of the Management of AS “PrivatBank”, dated: 08.03.2022.

We hereby inform that the strategic investor, which is defined in the Bank’s Management report, dated: 08.03.2022 (pages 3-5 of the annual report and annual consolidated report for 2021) has failed to acquire the permits, which are required for acquisition of the qualifying holding in the Bank. Therefore, information, which is indicated in the Management report regarding attraction of the strategic investor, is no longer relevant.

The Board of the Bank
25 May 2022