Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policy from Seesam Insurance AS Latvia Branch

Usually, when planning a trip, you try to keep in mind a lot of things that in no case you must not forget – passport, tickets, confirmation of hotel reservation, etc. And among these things on your list is there foreign travel insurance? After all, every traveller can get sick, miss a flight or lose luggage.

For unforeseen situations abroad, PrivatBank grants every owner of VISA Platinum a travel insurance policy from the insurance company Seesam Insurance AS Latvia Branch.

Insurance conditions

Insurance case Insurance amount
Unexpected medical expenses in case of illness or accident 100 000 EUR
Medical transport 20 000 EUR
Sending the patient to home country 10 000 EUR
Sending to home country in case of death 10 000 EUR
Death 20 000 EUR
Mutilations 20 000 EUR
Travel expenses for 1 family member 5 000 EUR
Interruption of travel 5 000 EUR
Loss of baggage during a flight 2 000 EUR
Damaged baggage during a flight 1 000 EUR
Baggage delay 1 000 EUR
Civil liability 50 000 EUR
Stolen or lost passport 500 EUR
Miss a transit 1 000 EUR