Take all advantages of deposits without leaving your office, i. e. enjoy high yield, flexible conditions, safety, stability, the Internetbank system


PrivatBank offers such deposits:

  • Term Depositdeposit for 3 to 36 months with monthly interest payments;

  • Savings Account – deposit, which allows replenishment and withdrawal of funds as often as you wish to.

    From 1 October 2020, the Bank ceases to conclude new Deposit Agreements “Savings Account”

    From 31 January 2021, the “Savings Account” Deposit Agreements will be terminated at the initiative of the Bank.

Advantages of PrivatBank deposits:

  • beneficial interest rates and deposit conditions in the market of Latvia;

  • an opportunity of making deposits from home via Internetbank or in any PrivatBank branch;

  • information via SMS, free access to online banking;

  • payment of interest: on a monthly basis or at anytime (please inform the bank one day prior to the withdrawal). Payment is made to the customer current account.