Commercial Loan

Credit for any kind of commercial business with flexible crediting conditions and advantageous possibilities


Commercial credit Opportunities:

  • the loan period – up to 10 years;

  • choose your preferred loan repayment type for your company (equal monthly payment of principal loan amount, individual payment schedule, or one payment at the end of the term);

  • free individual bank expert consultations.

Credit Terms:

  • currency – Euro;

  • amount – from EUR 7 000;

  • period – up to 10 years;

  • interest rate – is set individually to each customer*; interest rate may be either fixed or variable;
    * Bank takes into account the company credit history, financial capacity, collateral liquidity and loan amount;

  • collateral – any: company itself, project to be financed, immovable property, private property of physical individuals (vehicle, production equipment, immovable property, etc.) may serve as a collateral.