Financial lease

PrivatBank offers financing for the purchase of commercial vehicles, cars, tractors, as well as manufacturing and other equipment


Financial lease advantages:

  • Revision of the application – free of charge.

  • Contract attribution – free of charge.

  • Financing – up to 80% of the market value of the leasing object.

  • Fixed annual interest rate – from 5.5% to 7%.

  • Constant monthly payment.

How to execute lease contract?


You can arrange leasing at the PrivatBank Customer service center or by contacting a bank manager via the information telephone number 8515.

** Leasing services are provided only for the residents of the Republic of Latvia.


By submitting necessary documents for the bank for consideration of the leasing application:

-Lease application;
-Guarantor application;
-Guarantors passport or eID card copy;
-Balance with profit and loss calculation;
-Account statement for last 6 months;
-Evaluation of a vehicle or machinery.


After necessary documents are submitted, you will promptly receive bank’s response.