Overdraft – a loan for a period up to 12 months, which could help the enterprise to replenish the account in short period of time without collateral and undue formalities


Advantages and terms of overdraft:

  • The ability to use exact amount of the borrowed funds, which is needed to pay for the costs of the enterprise;

  • Operative review of the loan application;

  • A one-time fee for processing the application is 100 euros;

  • With a positive decision to grant an overdraft, the commission for execution of the contract is -1.5% of the amount of the assigned limit;

  • Currency – euro or USD dollars, amount – is set individually to each customer;

  • Period – up to 1 years;

  • Collateral – future cash flow to the settlement account of the enterprise.

Excellent opportunity for your company to borrow the amount necessary to replenish current assets In the process of deciding on the size of the overdraft, the Bank takes into account the credit history of the customer


Maximum duration:

12 months


Interest rate:


without a collateral – a fixed interest rate in accordance with the price list
with a collateral – variable interest rate 5.5% + 6 months. EURIBOR



real estate (mortgage), movable property (commercial pledge) can be attracted.


How to receive:

  • Step 1. Fill out the application in the Internet bank or sign up for a consultation

  • Step 2. A bank employee will contact you

  • Step 3. Submit the necessary documents

  • Step 4. Sign an overdraft agreement

  • Step 5. Register the collateral (if any)