An internet bank is a convenient and modern remote account management system in real time. Now, almost all issues, due to which, one had to visit a bank in the past, can be resolved through an Internetbank

Internetbank advantages:

  • assign access rights to additional users, for creation of salary time-sheets for own employees;

  • our support service will assist you in resolution of any issues or problems. There is a pictogram at the top of each page. By clicking this pictogram, you will be able to ask a question online to the operator;

  • in order to authorize orders in the internet bank (depending on the limits for one operation, which are defined by the bank), you can choose:

    • a one-time password, which will be sent to your mobile phone* – for transactions with limit up to EUR 20 000);
    • a Digipass or the PrivatSecure application – the transaction limit is not defined.

What is Internetbank? Internetbank is a convenient and modern tool for online remote account management, which enables you to:

  • check your account balance and get account statements;
  • look through your payment history;
  • pay your bills and carry out money transfers at reduced fees;
  • get information on the status of your payment orders;
  • find the latest currency exchange rates and exchange currencies;


  • choose one of the five working languages: English, German, Italian, Latvian or Russian;
  • find news about current services and products of PrivatBank;
  • receive SWIFT messages about your payment orders.


You can be safe to use Internetbank:

  • all you need for managing your account in Internetbank is a computer with Internet access and a modern browser;

  • use your login name, login password, as well as means of authorisation in order to enter into Internetbank;

  • For authorisation you may use an SMS password sent to your mobile phone number.
    The bank connects your mobile phone number for sending the SMS password based on your application for opening an account; you can also connect your mobile phone number independently in the Internetbank;

  • for authorisation you may use Digipass or application PrivatSecure irrespective of transaction limits.