Choose non-cash payments and enjoy convenient service and high speed at friendly fees


Benefits of payments in PrivatBank:

  • payments between accounts with PrivatBank are executed free of charge (for residents of the Republic of Latvia);

  • availability of all payment transactions and services in Internet Bank on your computer. You do not need to visit the bank’s branches anymore;

  • possibility to make payments in euro and other currencies;

  • execution of additional services related to payments (search, cancellation and amendment/correction of payment details);

  • for execution of international payments  usage of broad network of correspondent banks.


Transfers Are Distinguished:

  • By currencies:
    – transfers in the national currency;
    – transfers in all basic world currencies;
    – transfers in currencies of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

  • By beneficials:
    – transfers to accounts with PrivatBank;
    – transfers to accounts with any bank in Latvia;
    – transfers to accounts with any foreign bank;
    – transfers to accounts with partner banks (PrivatBank (Ukraine), PrivatBank (Cyprus)).

  • By priority:
    – regular transfers are executed on the next banking day;
    – urgent transfers are executed on the current banking day;
    – express transfers are executed within 2 hours.

  • By fees:
    – OUR – fees of third country banks paid by senders;
    – SHA/BEN – fees of third country banks paid by beneficiaries;
    – FULL OUR – all fees of third country banks are already included in the bank fee and are paid by senders.

PrivatBank Payment Terms