Verified by Visa

From 1 October 2020, the Bank stops concluding new payment card agreement. From 31 January 2021, the servicing of payment cards will be discontinued.

Visa Secure gives you extra protection and peace of mind when you’re shopping online with AS PrivatBank payment cards.

Visa Secure not only protects your card against unauthorised use, it also means you can have confidence that the online retailer you’re buying from has made your security a priority.

It is safe, simple and convenient.

Visa Secure Frequently Asked Questions

Verified by Visa (3-D Secure) is an additional level of protection that adds one extra step to the process of online payment authorization, which allows online stores and banks to verify that payments are performed by the card holder in order to ensure protection against fraudulent transactions.

Visa Secure is easy to use. It just adds one extra step to the process of paying for something online.
Your AS PrivatBank payment card will continue to work just as it does now and you will still be able to use it with retailers who are not yet offering Visa Secure. Visa Secure is simply an additional layer of security to give you complete confidence when you are shopping online.

1. Choose what you want to buy online
2. Go to the check-out page
3. Enter your Visa card details as usual
4. The website will tell you whether or not it offers Verified by Visa
5. You will see the Visa Secure security screen, please see screen below
6. Enter your Privat24 authorization data and click ‘Enter’
7. Your identity is confirmed
8. That’s it!

Visa Secure protects your card against unauthorised transactions, giving you complete confidence when you’re shopping online. Your Visa transaction will only be authorised when you supply your Internetbank authorization data.

AS PrivatBank has always made your security a top priority. Visa Secure is an additional layer of security to give you total confidence when you’re shopping online.

To verify your identity while making payments your will have to enter your Internetbank authorization details – user name, password, and authorization code. This information will not be available to the merchant.

In order to make secure online purchases, you will need Internetbank. The customers who do not have internet bank cannot make payments in the participating online stores. You can apply for Internet Bank free of charge at any branch of AS PrivatBank.

You have to be Internet Banking user.

You can apply for Internetbank at any branch of AS PrivatBank.

Yes, but only with merchants that have not introduced Visa Secure technology.

Yes, but your payment will not be secured by Visa Secure technology.

You do not need to change your current payment card, but you have to be Internetbank user.

No. Information for payment confirmation is entered on a special and secure AS PrivatBank page.

Yes, and number of unsuccessful attempts of identification in online stores is counted together with unsuccessful Internetbank login attempts.

Currently this system is not used by all online stores, but the number of retailers willing to verify secure card transactions and use this system is constantly growing. Currently more than 300,000 online stores have joined the Visa Secure system, and their number grows day by day.
The website of the retailers that have joined the Visa Secure system will feature logotype.

AS PrivatBank or Visa Secure will never send you an email requesting you to update your details for any reason. If you get one of these emails it is a scam and you should report it to your card issuer – the telephone number is on the back of your payment card.