VISA Classic

We hereby draw your attention to the fact, that as from 1 February 2021, all payment cards will be closed.

The customers will be unable to make payments in internet and pay with payment cards to sellers / service providers, including cash withdrawal from ATMs. Which is why, we hereby encourage to evaluate a possibility to receive a payment card at another credit institution.

VISA Classic enables you to:

  • pay for goods and services in Latvia and abroad;

  • withdraw cash in ATMs labelled with VISA symbol all over the world;

  • make purchases on the Internet;

  • get an additional card, for example, for your family members;

  • book air tickets, hotels and pay for car rental;

  • earn deposit interest on your card account*;

    only for residents of LR

  • get a travel insurance.

How to get VISA Classic?

Visit any PrivatBank branch to get more detailed information on issuance of VISA Classic card. For additional information please call information line 8515.