Visa payWave

From 1 October 2020, the Bank stops concluding new payment card agreement. From 31 January 2021, the servicing of payment cards will be discontinued.


Simple and secure

  • Like with other payment cards, the highest security standards are used in contactless cards.

  • There is no need to give the card to a cashier: you have full control of payment process.

  • The card could not be charged twice for the same purchase. Even if you tap the card on the terminal more than once, after the first sale is completed the terminal will beep and switch off.

  • Contactless cards are used like usual payment cards if you need to pay off where no contactless settlements are available yet – they have a chip and magnetic stripe.

  • Prior to payment, make sure that the amount on the POS terminal screen corresponds to payable amount.

  • Activation of contactless payments. To activate contactless function on your card, insert the card into the payment terminal and enter the PIN code. Contactless function will be active thereon.

Fast and convenient


Sale is completed much faster! Owing to VISA contactless technology, payment is made almost instantly. Just tap your card on the terminal.


If your purchase is up to 50 EUR worth, you do not have to spend time on the input of PIN code. For major purchases pay as usual – insert the card into POS terminal and enter the PIN code.


In other countries the limit on contactless payments may be different. Before payment, check the limit with the sales person.