VISA Platinum

From 1 October 2020, the Bank stops concluding new payment card agreement. From 31 January 2021, the servicing of payment cards will be discontinued.

You receive a following set:

Taking care of you


Feel welcome
Our employees are ready issue account statements (monthly, annual or for any required period); enjoy a grace period up to 30 days if using a credit limit;


Feel safe
We constantly monitor your VISA Platinum card account in order to diminish the fraud risk.


Feel relaxed
Should you go abroad, we will provide you with an insurance policy for VISA Platinum card holders.

Thinking of getting an exclusive VISA Platinum card?

Please contact our specialists by phone:

(+371) 67852360 or (+371) 67852362;

or via e-mail to

Advantages of VISA Platinum Card:

  • Safe purchases on the Internet;

  • Remote account management in the Internetbank;

  • System of discounts for car rental; booking hotel rooms on beneficial terms;

  • Free health insurance policy for your travels;

  • Free Priority Pass, which allows you to receive VIP service in airports all around the world;

  • No limits when paying with your card;

  • Booking of a trip or hotel room, as well as car rental on beneficial terms;

  • Legal and financial support by Global Support during your trips.