Current account

Your cooperation with the bank begins with the opening of a current account. The current account is designed for receiving of your regular income, funds from customers and business partners, and for all types of transfers in euros and other currencies

Advantages of current account:

  • payments of various urgency and with various types of fees via internetbank;

  • multicurrency account – multiple currencies may be transferred to the account. It is up to the customer to choose when and in what currency to convert funds;

  • safe and round-the-clock management of your account via the internetbank;

  • monitoring of all your transactions via the internetbank.

Documents required for account opening:


For individual

Provide documents confirming the source of funds:
-an account statement from another bank for 6 months,
-tax declaration,
-work reference,
-labor contract,
-private entrepreneur documents, etc.


For legal entities

Foundation documents of the company:

– Document certifying state registration of the company (registration certificate, etc.);
– Documents governing the company’s organisation and activities (articles of association, etc.);
– Document certifying the appointment of a governing body (minutes certifying appointment of the director, etc.);
– Document certifying beneficial owner’s proprietary rights and/or control in the company (certificate of stakes/shares, trust agreement, etc.);
– Documents certifying a person’s right to open/manage/close accounts on behalf of the company, if this person is not indicated in the foundation documents (power of attorney with the Apostille, etc.);
– Documents certifying the legal capacity of a company registered for more than one year at the time of opening an account (Certificate of Good Standing with the Apostille, etc.);

Passport or identity document of the account manager.


Documents of the beneficial owner

– Documents certifying ownership of stakes or management in other companies,
– Statement of account of another company owned by the beneficial owner,
– Bank recommendation / certificate from the bank,
– References / declarations on payment of taxes,
– Confirmation of ownership / sale of movable and immovable property,
– Documents confirming payment of dividends to the beneficiary for significant amounts,
– Documents confirming the receipt of inheritance, etc.

Documents confirming the beneficial owner’s experience and expertise in the declared area of activities:
– Curriculum Vitae,
– Certificate of education,
– Proof of employment / extract from employment record card / employment agreement,

Passport or identity document of the beneficial owner.

For account opening:

  • identification of the customer/account manager may take place either at the Bank, or during business trips of the Bank’s employees outside Latvia;

  • the customer shall fill in the bank forms required for the account opening; in case of a legal entity, an information letter with a detailed description of the scheme of activities, the main partners, the purpose of using the account, and other information about the company’s activities shall be prepared.

  • Please, note that:

    decision on the account opening is made within 10 working days on the basis of the documents and information provided by you;

  • terms for servicing of accounts are specified in PrivatBank General Regulations for Transactions;

  • For additional information, please call:
    8515 – for calls from Latvia
    +371 6704 1300 – for calling from abroad