Regular Payment

Save time and money and let PrivatBank employees make regular payments instead! You do not need to visit a branch of the Bank to make a payment.


What advantages can you expect when using our “Regular payments” services?

  • Save time. You do not need to visit a branch of the Bank to make a payment.

  • Possibility to receive a receipt. You can receive a receipt confirming payment by you at any PrivatBank branch, and you can find out the status of the payment in the Internet bank – in the “Payments / Bank Operations List” menu.

  • You forget nothing! You do not risk paying up utility payments if you forget to make a payment in a timely manner. The only thing you need is to have enough money in your account to make a payment at the payment date.

  • Possibility to choose:

    • a regular payment with a fixed amount, when you yourself set the amount of payment, and it does not change throughout the time period for which the service is scheduled;
    • a regular payment with a variable amount indicated on the invoice. In this case, the amount that your service provider will specify for the bank will be paid from your account.
  • Receive information on paid invoices via the Internetbank, SMS bank, by calling the bank’s number – 8515, at the branch of the bank.

  • Service “Regular payments” is created free of charge.

How to use the “Regular Payment” service: Now you will no longer need to visit the bank to make repeated on regular basis payments


It is enough to instruct the Bank once (at a branch or in the Internetbank) and each month (day/year) the amount indicated by you will be deducted from your account or card;


You can apply to service* providers whose invoices you would like to pay automatically. Your submission with all necessary information will be forwarded to the bank.
* You can find out which companies’ bills can be paid automatically, by visiting the Bank’s portal or by calling the bank’s toll-free number at 8000 1515.



Service is created free of charge.

Additional advantages of the “Regular payment” with variable amount:

  • opportunity to apply for a new regular payment on the portal;

  • revise the electronic invoices received at the website prior to their automatic payment;

  • determine the maximum payment amount (limit) – those bills that exceed the specified limit will not be automatically paid;

  • number of attempts – number of days (3-24 business days) set by the customer during which the Bank verifies that there is money available for payment;

  • a partial payment option if there is not enough money in the account for full payment of the invoice;

  • the opportunity to refuse to pay the invoice on a regular basis and pay it yourself.

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