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Company name Registration number Giro number Bank Account number Identifier Partial payment Whether the Company allows payment of third party invoices
BITE Latvija SIA 40003742426 40400 Swedbank LV28HABA0551011488678 Client number Yes Yes
L.A.T. SIA 40103054853 10906 Swedbank LV83HABA0551001385817 Agreement number Yes Yes
Seesam Insurance AS 40103475609 11345 PrivatBanka LV57PRTT0260018013700 Client number Yes Yes
Clean R SIA 40003682818 22389 Nordea banka LV28NDEA0000080377740 Agreement number Yes Yes
Viasat AS 40103238282 10977 Swedbank LV79HABA0551000079687 Client number Yes Yes
Mandatum Life Insurance SE 40003883872 66866 Swedbank LV38HABA0021408034176 Policy number No No
DNB līzings SIA 40003659898 10786 DNB banka LV64RIKO0002930012090 Agreement number Yes Yes
Telefant SIA 40003733368 11073 Swedbank LV59HABA0551009470326 Agreement number Yes Yes
Citadele līzings un faktorings SIA 50003760921 22499 Citadele banka LV90PARX0008230150001 Agreement number Yes No
ZetCOM SIA 40003582107 11633 Citadele banka LV78PARX0005885900001 Client number Yes Yes
Latvijas Mobilais Telefons SIA 50003050931 76076 Citadele banka LV61PARX0000313431018 Client number Yes Yes
Lattelecom SIA 40003052786 10032 SEB banka LV83UNLA0002001469375 Client number un konta numurs No Yes
SEB Dzīvības apdrošināšana AAS 40003012938 22033 SEB banka LV35UNLA0002049469816 Policy number No Yes
Nordea Finance Latvia SIA 40003348054 33365 Nordea banka LV75NDEA0000080004026 Agreement number Yes No
ERGO Life Insurance SE 40103336441 12360 SEB banka LV51UNLA0002001469951 Policy number No No
SEB līzings SIA 50003334041 90010 SEB banka LV88UNLA0001102074227 Agreement number Yes Yes
Swedbank līzings SIA 40003240524 22017 Swedbank LV89HABA0001403033200 Lease agreement number Yes Yes
ERGO Insurance SE 40103599913 10964 SEB banka LV35UNLA0002001469948 Policy number No No
G4S Latvia AS 40103058465 10430 Swedbank LV87HABA0001408036011 Client number Yes Yes
Izdevniecība Rīgas Viļņi SIA 40003363975 11947 Swedbank LV26HABA0551019858941 Client number No Yes
Neste Latvija SIA 40003132723 10087 Swedbank LV28HABA0001408036200 Client number Yes No
Dienas Mediji SIA 40003804497 10113 Swedbank LV37HABA0551014462439 Client number No Yes
Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE 50003958651 22347 Swedbank LV77HABA0001403052234 ID number of clients insurance agreement Yes Yes
AGA SIA 40003068518 10508 SEB banka LV95UNLA0050005312025 Client number Yes Yes
Latvenergo AS 40003032949 11099 SEB banka LV93UNLA0050007013441 Agreement number Yes Yes
Rīgas ūdens SIA 40103023035 10126 Nordea banka LV93NDEA0000082509309 Agreement number Yes Yes
Tele2 SIA 40003272854 10647 Swedbank LV12HABA0140803321700 Client number No No
BALTCOM TV SIA 40003005264 10016 SEB banka LV88UNLA0050009339203 Subscription code Yes Yes
SECURITAS LATVIA SIA 40003229283 22512 Swedbank LV40HABA0140X090001AS Client number Yes Yes
City Fitness SIA 40003440545 12551 Swedbank LV37HABA0001408046417 References numurs Yes Yes
LATVIJAS VALSTS MEŽI AS 40003466281 12904 SEB banka LV10UNLA0003030467544 Client number No No
Latvijas SOS bērnu ciematu asociācija 40008029381 12467 SEB banka LV56UNLA0050011994184 Personal code No Yes
Gjensidige Baltic AAS 50003210451 11646 Nordea banka LV15NDEA0000082331360 Policy number No Yes
Jūrmalas Namsaimnieks SIA 40003426429 22428 Swedbank LV57HABA0551008923379 Personal account number Yes No
Rīgas pirmā garāža SIA 40003397543 12946 Citadele banka LV15PARX0000011281017 Agreement number Yes Yes
Reģionu Mediji SIA 50103305231 21144 Swedbank LV15HABA0551029636739 Client number No Yes
Daugavpils Siltumtīkli Pašvaldības A/S 41503002945 21173 PrivatBank LV83PRTT0260012663100 Client number Yes Yes
Fitek AS 40003380477 11840 SEB banka LV36UNLA0002012469827 Client number No No