MoneyGram Transfers

Money transfers with MoneyGram are fast, safe and convenient. You can send or receive money at any service location wherever MoneyGram operates

How it works:

  • mention name and surname of the recipient, the country of receipt, and the amount of the transfer;

  • pay in the transfer amount and fee at a cash desk;

  • get the transfer control number provided by the bank employee;

  • the transfer becomes available for payout right after assigning the control number to it;

  • you can attach a message to each transfer free of charge (up to 10 words);

  • if you have open PrivatBank account, receive and send MoneyGram transfer without visiting the bank branch can simply filling form via Internetbank.

In order to receive the transfer:


Present your identity document to a bank employee.


Mention the transfer control number, name and surname of the sender, the transfer sending country, and the transfer amount.


Get your money at a cash desk.

How to prevent fraud when transferring money

Remember that the safety of your money transfer depends on you. We recommend you to obtain the following rules: