PrivatMoney transfers

Express Money Transfers - the PrivatMoney system is operating in Azerbaijan, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Latvia, Moldavia, as well as Ukraine and has more than 4,100 points of service


Your advantages:

  • fee for money transfers in the amount under 10,000 USD/EUR: 3% of the amount (minimum fee 3 USD or 3 EUR);

  • payout of transferred amounts in USD or EUR at no extra fee;

  • it takes only 10 minutes for the recipient to get the money;

  • you do not have to open an account with the bank in order to send or receive money.

How to transfer money:


Just complete a form, present your personal identity document and pay in the transfer amount at a cash desk.


The manager will let you know the code of the money transfer right away, which should be reported to the sender.


If you have an account opened with PrivatBank you can transfer and receive money via PrivatMoney without visiting any of the bank’s branches. All you have to do is just complete an application in the Internetbank.


  • just present your identity document; pay the transfer amount and fee;

  • indicate only name and surname of the recipient; the address and passport number of the recipient are not obligatory;

  • send a message to the recipient up to 10 words long free of charge;

  • receive a short message confirming the transfer has been carried out and the recipient has got the money;

  • if you have an account opened with PrivatBank, you can send the money via PrivatMoney in the Internetbank.