Consumer loan for refinancing of liabilities

Combine and refinance loans from other lenders, including consumer loans, credit lines, pre-approved credit of payment cards and other loans

Apply Kalkulators


  • application review – free of charge;

  • loan appropriation and issue* – 5,5% from credit amount, min. 50 EUR;

    *the fee indicated in price list may vary according to the proposal.

  • annual interest rate – from 7%;

  • loan amount – from 500 to EUR 15 000;

  • credit term from 12 to 84 months, with an opportunity to repay the credit ahead of schedule;

  • equal monthly payments.


How to apply for a loan?


You can apply for a consumer loan:

– to the nearest PrivatBank branch;
– by filling the application at our website;
– or by contacting a bank manager via the information phone: 85 15.


By submitting documents which are necessary for the bank to consider the application:

– application for a consumer loan without collateral;
– passport or ID card;
– account statement for last 6 months.


After necessary documents are submitted you will promptly receive the bank’s response.

NB! Borrow wisely, considering your ability to repay the loan.

Your opportunities:

  • to combine and refinance loans from other lenders;

  • refinance enables to adjust the amount of monthly installment to your needs;

  • reduce the total cost of loan repayment;

  • to obtain additional funds for other purposes.