Consumer Loan

This loan can be used for purchase of any vehicle that can be registered in CSDD. The vehicle purchased for credit funds is registered in the customer’s name. You can purchase a vehicle even abroad


Advantages of consumer loan for vehicle purchase:

  • the loan amount is from EUR 2,000 to 10,000;

  • revision of the application and execution of the contract – free of charge;

  • car valuation – not required;

  • the first instalment – not required;

  • CASCO insurance – not required;

  • annual interest rate – 10%;

  • no limitation of the manufacture year of the  car.


How to execute a consumer loan for a vehicle purchase?


you can apply for a consumer loan for a transport vehicle purchase at the nearest PrivatBank branch, by filling an application form at the bank website or by contacting a bank manager via the toll-free information telephone number: 8000 15 15.


by submitting documents which are necessary for the bank to consider the application:
– Consumer loan application;
– Passport or identity card;
– Account statement for the past 6 months;


after necessary documents are submitted, you will promptly receive bank’s response.