Loan for tuition fee

Follow your dream!


Loan provisions:

  • loan amount – up to 50 000 EUR;

  • annual interest rate – from 6,5%;

  • revision of loan application – free of charge;

  • loan granting and provision* – 1% of the loan amount.

    *the fee indicated in the price list can change depending on the offer

How to draw up a loan contract?


You can apply for this loan:

– at Branch “Krastmala” of AS “PrivatBank”, 1 Muitas Street, Riga;
– by filling out an application on our website;
– or by contacting the Bank specialist by information line 8515.


By submitting documents which are necessary for the bank to consider the application:

– Loan application;
– Passport or eID card;
– Documents supporting income.


After necessary documents are submitted you will promptly receive the bank’s response.