Mortgage Loan

Your life-long dream is to move to a new home? PrivatBank will help your dream come true today. We offer to draw up a mortgage credit against a pledge in the form of an apartment or a house!

Advantages of a mortgage credit:

  • credit term – up to 30 years, with an opportunity to repay the credit ahead of schedule without penalty interest;

  • annual interest rate – from 3%;

  • credit amount up to 90% from the real estate market value;

  • an opportunity to select the most appropriate credit repayment way:
    – with equal monthly payments,
    – according to an individual repayment schedule;

  • free consultations of the credit specialists of the bank;

  • receive the credit with decreased commission fee for loan issue – 1,0% from the credit amount, min. 100 EUR;

  • special credit terms together with Altum to:
    young professionals,
    families with children.

  • in cooperation with Altum, credit amount up to 95% from the real estate market value.

Mortgage loan calculator

How to execute a Mortgage loan?


You can apply for mortgage loan:

– filling out an application on our website;
– filling out an application with the Bank’s cooperation partner;
– by contacting the Bank manager via the telephone number: 8515.


By submitting documents which are necessary for the bank to consider the application:

– consumer loan application;
– passport or identity card;
– real estate valuation;


After necessary documents are submitted, you will promptly receive bank’s response.

Other regulations:

  • interest rate is set individually to each customer. Bank takes into account your credit history, financial capacity, collateral liquidity and loan amount. Any real estate purchased by you may serve as a loan collateral;

  • in order to apply for a mortgage loan, you should insure your real estate for the loan amount. the Bank will provide you a list of insurance companies, among which you can choose the most appropriate one;

  • application for the mortgage loan may be submitted to the Customer Service Center, by filling the application at our website, or by contacting a bank manager via information phone: 85 15

Bank estate offers at favourable terms: