PrivatBank offers various types of personalized payment cards: from cheap instant-issue cards to Premium class cards


Our payment cards allow customers to:

  • pay for goods and services in trade locations worldwide, where VISA cards are accepted;

  • be sure about the security of your funds deposited with the Bank;

  • you do not need to declare funds for customs clearing when going abroad.

PrivatBank offers the following payment cards:

Visa Classic Debit

Multi-currency payment card, which gives you freedom to manage your funds in a convenient way.

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Visa Virtual

An international payment card created for online shopping.

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Visa Classic

An international debit card, which one may use to pay for goods and services, purchase online, as well as withdraw cash in ATMs worldwide.

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VISA Business

Perfect tool for organising and controlling business trip and representational expenses of your enterprise, as well as for executing business activities.

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Visa Gold

A prestigious international payment card that attests the holder`s financial stability.

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Visa Platinum

A symbol of financial success, independence and exclusive lifestyle!

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For detailed information about opening of card account, please, call the line 8515, or send an e-mail to:


The international payment system VISA International offers:

800 thousand ATM
130 countries
29 million trade and service companies

With the help of VISA International ATM Locator one can find the nearest ATM. 

Compare cards and choose the right one for you!

  Visa Virtual Visa Virtual VISA Classic Debit VISA Classic Debit VISA Classic / Business VISA Classic / Business Visa Gold Visa Gold Visa Platinum Visa Platinum
Payment for goods and services in trade locations
Cash withdrawal in ATMs marked with VISA logo
Credit facilities
Deposit guarantee
Online purchases
Option of additional card
Booking of airline tickets and hotels, rent of cars
Travel insurance 1
Additional PriorityPass programme 1 1
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1 For additional charge one may obtain

How to block a card?

Lost your card? Funds debited from the account without your consent?

  • For your own security, please, block the card immediately.
  • For the purpose, call +371 6704 1368 or 8000 1515 (the toll-free line), or use Internetbank.

Contactless payment cards.

Purchases worth up to 25 euros paid by a single touch. Just tap a card on POS terminal – your purchase has been paid! Fantasy? Not at all.

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