As the customer habits change, PrivatBank optimizes the branch network

After monitoring changes in the customer habits, as from 18 September 2020, AS “PrivatBank” (the Bank) will optimize the branch network.

As from 18 September 2020, the regional branches of the Bank – “Daugavpils”, “Rēzekne” and “Valmiera” – will cease their operations. Up until 18 September, customer service at the branches will be carried out as usual. ATMs will be available up until the end of September.

Face-to-face customer service of the branches “Daugavpils”, “Rēzekne” and “Valmiera” branches will be provided by any of the 6 branches of the Bank, which are more conveniently accessible to customers. Four of the branches are located in Riga, and two – in the largest regions of Latvia:

  • Branch “Krastmala”, 1 Muitas Street, Riga;
  • Branch “Sakta”, 17/19 Merķeļa Street, Riga;
  • Branch “VEF”, 197 Brīvības gatve, Riga;
  • Branch “Ķengarags”, 240 Maskavas Street, Riga;
  • Branch “Jelgava”, 14 Lielā Street, Jelgava;
  • Branch “Liepāja”, 43 Graudu Street, Liepāja.

The working hours and contact information of branches are available on the Bank’s website:

Matīss Krištobans, the member of the Board of PrivatBank in charge of Business development and strategy, explains:

“PrivatBank continues development and follows changes in customer habits.  The remote services of the Bank become even more popular, therefore, the number of face-to-face transactions in the branches decreases. Which is why, as from 18 September 2020, the Bank will close its branches in Daugavpils, Rēzekne and Valmiera. Remote service in Internet Bank will still be available to customers in these cities; thus, provision of any type of financial services will still be successfully ensured. Nowadays, the customers value the opportunity to receive the required services in a convenient and quick manner, regardless of location and the necessity to visit any of the Bank branches.  As before, we will be pleased to provide the customers with the required Bank services; we also encourage the customers to further on apply for all types of loans, to draw up deposits and to follow own financial transactions in the Internet Bank and on the Bank website –”

In case one does not manage to find a reply on the Bank website or in Internet Bank, and assistance by a Bank specialist is required, we encourage you to call the PrivatBank information centre by hotline 8515.

The Bank’s services are available 24 hours a day on the Internet at Further information and financial assistance can be obtained by calling the hotline 8515 or chatting or by sending an e-mail to on weekdays from 9:00 to 19:00 and on holidays from 9:00 to 17:00.