Information for AS “PrivatBank” customers regarding payments to AS “PNB Banka”

Dear Customer,

We draw your attention to the fact that AS “PrivatBank” does not process outgoing payments to AS “PNB Banka” due to the decision adopted by the Financial and Capital Market Commission on 15 August 2019 to suspend the provision of financial services by AS “PNB Banka”.

We invite you to make sure that the account at AS “PNB Banka” is not indicated as the beneficiary’s account in the payment order templates in internet bank, nor in the Regular payments registered in the Bank, and to make changes upon necessity.

The amounts of payments already made to accounts at AS “PNB Banka” shall be returned.

The accounts at AS “PNB Banka” begin with LV, followed by a two-digit combination. This is followed by LATB and the subsequent combination of digits.

For additional information please call the Bank information line 8000 15 15.