PrivatBank car lease: this year women choose Volkswagen and Audi, but men prefer BMW

Based on the analysis of leasing deals for individuals for the past seven months of 2019, we would like to introduce the Top 5 cars purchased.

BMWs of the German carmaker are leading in the first place – 27% of PrivatBank customers prefer this make. Another German make Volkswagen (VW) is in the second place (24%) and the third place is for customers, who choose to drive by Swedish Volvo cars (18%). In fourth and five positions are German makes – Audi (17%) and Mercedes Benz (14%).

Women’s Top 3 car makes purchased on auto lease at PrivatBank looks as follows: Audi and VW share the first place (21%), then goes Volvo (18%) and in the third place are BMW and Nissan sharing exactly the same 15%. It is worth noting, that the leading model among VW is Touareg, but among Audi – A6.

At the same time, the Top 3 cars purchased by men looks as follows: BMW (31%), where the BMW 5 Series is the most preferred model. The second place goes to VW (25%), and Volvo and Mercedes‑Benz share the third place (16%).

Compared with the same period for the previous year, men’s preferences for cars remain unchanged – BMW maintains its high position of the leader among the male customers. Women much more prefer Audi, which has moved up by three positions, and Nissan is a newcomer to this Top.

The average purchase price of a vehicle on lease is EUR 8755, but the most preferred leasing term is 60 months.

AS PrivatBank is a member of the Latvian Leasing Association (LLDA), which comprises ten of the largest leasing companies.