“PrivatBank” invites the customers and the Latvian companies to support Ukraine

“PrivatBank” invites own customers and the companies of Latvia to get involved, insofar as possible, in provision of support, so that Latvia could also jointly provide the required assistance to Ukraine.

We are concerned about people un Ukraine, in particular, about our colleagues, about their families and children, who are forced to experience a perilous situation. They are located in various cities, from Kyiv to Dnipro to Lviv. Stories told by people are very different. We maintain constant contact, mostly through short messages, less often – through phone conversations, in order to render both moral support and amazement at their strength and heroism,

emphasizes Una Jansone, Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of “PrivatBank”.

Current events in Ukraine cause damage to civilian population and destroy infrastructure of the country. We have an opportunity to help, so that Ukrainian forces would not deplete, and that peace would be reached.

“”, the charity organisation of Latvia, continues collection of funds for support provision to Ukraine. This indicates that the donated funds, together with the organisations, which support Ukraine, will be transferred, where these funds will be required the most. You can donate to the organisation here.