PrivatBank launches new internet bank

We are pleased to announce that on March 4, PrivatBank launch a new internet bank. Until April 28, the current Privat24 internet bank and the new PrivatBank internet bank will operate in parallel.

The Chairman of PrivatBank Board Aleksandar Kukic comments:

I am pleased to report the launch of the new PrivatBank internet bank. Our primary objectives have been – to create user‑friendly internet bank and to simplify work therein. We are certain that its usage will be much simpler and more convenient both for physical and legal entities.

The new PrivatBank internet bank was developed using modern web technologies, new ergonomics and design trends, which support correct display of internet bank pages on smartphones and tablets.

Andrejs Rogovs, deputy Head of the Information technologies department:

I should like to note that we have studied the best worldwide analogues, analysing, what will serve the best for our customers, designing, implementing, testing and discussing this in various workgroups. Along with the new design, we have included some features that will make visiting our internet bank quicker, easier and more interactive.

A comment by the Head of the Information technologies department, Olexandr Mekekechko: 

The visual presentation and the concept of interaction between internet banking and user have completely changed. Internet banking functions, which the customer uses the most, and which are the most important for the customer, are located on the first page. Navigation takes place through a vertical scrollbar or through the main menu located on the left. Customers will be able to see the balance at their current and card account, credit payments or lease payments, as well as interest accrued on the deposit. The screen is structured as cards and blocks, which adjust, depending on setting of the device, which the customer uses to access the internet bank. The main menu located on the left provides clearly demonstrates the Bank’s product line. Security of the new version of the PrivatBank internet bank has been carefully tested by the audit company.

We have visualised financial information in the most simple and clear way. the screen structure is developed as cards and blocks, which facilitates perception. Each account or used service is a separate card on the screen. It has all operative information related to the account or service.

The most frequently effected payments will be available in “Templates” section. You will not have trouble finding information. AutoFill function for payments, messages and application ensures an automated word parts search and facilitates re-use of data.

One of advantages (innovations) of the new internet bank is a dynamic payment form with prompts, which you can switch on or off at your discretion.

In case of any questions, please, contact via chat, or call the toll-free information line 8000 15 15 (Monday to Friday – from 8:00 to 19:00; Saturday and public holidays – from 9:00 to 17:00).