“PrivatBank” payment execution on 19.08.2022.

Dear Сustomers,

We hereby inform you that, in order to coordinate the deadlines of the process of transfer of the Customers and transactions of PrivatBank with the information, which has been provided before, that, beginning with 20.08.2022 (the Transfer date), servicing of the PrivatBank Customers is ensured by Industra Bank, the payment orders of PrivatBank Customers (outgoing payments) will be accepted up until 15.00 of 19.08.2022 (inclusive).

Upon making or receiving payments to/from a PrivatBank account prior to the Transfer date, in individual cases, situations are possible, when a payment might not be executed, returning it to the sender, for instance, in case PrivatBank has requested documents regarding the origin of funds, and within the defined time, the customer fails to provide the requested documents to PrivatBank. Thus, within the determined deadline, PrivatBank is unable to fulfil the duty, which is stipulated by the law, and to process the payment up until the Transfer date:

  • the outgoing payments will not be made, in case these are not processed up until 17.00 of 19 August 2022,
  • the incoming payments, where additional information, which is requested for execution thereof, has not been received by PrivatBank up until 15:00 of 19 August, will be sent back to the payer.

We invite You to get familiarized with the detailed information regarding the Customer transfer process on the PrivatBank website and at own Internet bank.

Thank you for Your previous cooperation.