PrivatBank will replace code card with safer solutions

PrivatBank will soon replace the code card with more secure solutions – SMS password, Digipass and PrivatSecure code calculator. Clients will be able to quickly and securely connect to the Internet bank, confirm payments and other services.

These changes are based on regulation requirements, which obliges payment service providers from September 14, 2019 to significantly increase the security of customer authentication tools and to limit the range of services available to the customers who authenticate in the remote account management system (Internet bank) using a code card.

Customers can now apply for the most safe and acceptable payment verification tool for convenient and secure usage of Internet bank:

  • SMS password;
  • Сode calculator PrivatSecure;
  • Сode calculator Digipass.

The most convenient way to replace your code card with a SMS password is to call from your phone number that is registered in the Bank’s system to a toll-free info phone 8000 1515. Bank specialists will ask you for personal code, voice password and code form the code card.  It would be advisable to clarify whether your phone number registered with the Bank is relevant. You can also activate this service at a branch of the Bank, taking with you a passport or ID-card.

If you have decided to use PrivatSecure and/or Digipass as a means of authentication further on, you will need to visit the nearest branch of the Bank to apply and receive it.

You can find detailed information about authorization tools and conditions on the Bank’s website, as well by calling the toll-free information phone 8000 15 15.