Universal Card

The card allows you to use credit funds of the bank, i. e. making payments at stores, on the Internet and in self-service terminals, as well as withdrawing cash in ATMs anywhere in the world.

The card constitues a part of the Universal Package.

Advantages of Universal Card

  • New! Cashback for purchases
  • Every month bank returns 0.5% for purchases over 200 EUR.
  • Get your card quickly and free of charge
  • The card is issued, serviced and reissued (upon its expiry date) free of charge. It will take you only 15–20 min to get the card in one of our branches.
  • Enjoy a grace period of 30 days after each purchase
  • During this period of time you can use credit funds of the bank free of charge.
  • No commission fee is charged for the card payments
  • Earn interest on your balance
  • You can keep your personal funds on the Universal Card and generate additional revenue by earning annual interest on your balance exceeding 71,14 EUR.
  • Educational programme for your children aimed on improving their financial literacy
  • If you have a school-aged child you will receive a Junior Card together with your Universal Card. With the Junior Card your child will learn to deal with his/her personal money, as well as get an opportunity to study at the Business School of the bank.


Don`t forget to activate your Universal card at any ATM of AS PrivatBank or call the toll-free line 80001515 from the phone number you specified in the application form for the card.

Deposit Guarantee 

Background information on the protection of the state-guaranteed deposits

открыть карточный счет в приватбанке


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