1. The Bank maintains, coordinates and organises activities on the Bank website www.privatbank.lv, www.privatbankdirect.de; www.amberreal.lv and on other public websites, which are the property of the Bank or the right to use the domain name thereof is registered in the name of the Bank.

2. The Bank is the copyright holder of all materials available on the Bank website, unless otherwise specified.

3. It is forbidden to modify, replace or supplement materials available on the Bank website.

3.1. In case of republishing of any material, there should be the reference to the copyright holder.

3.2. In case of partial republishing of materials, it should be unambiguously indicated that the material is not republished in full.

4. The Bank’s Website Terms of Use are binding upon each service user, regardless to whether he/she is the Bank customer or not.

5. if the user wishes to use text or graphic materials available on the Bank website, quote its contents, he/she shall indicate the source (specifying the Bank’s name and link) or contact representatives of the PrivatBank Press Centre via e-mail press@privatbank.lv in order to agree upon the nature and receipt of materials and permission to use them.

6. If the user fails to comply with the above-mentioned duties of users of the Bank website, he/she violates copyright and the violator shall be called to civil, administrative or criminal liability stipulated by laws, depending on the nature or consequences of the violation.

7. The Bank is entitled to unilaterally change the content of the Bank website at any time. The Bank website content is for information purposes only.

8. The service provisions, which are defined on the webpage, only become binding in relation to the particular customer upon conclusion of a contract between the customer and the Bank.

9. The Bank does not guarantee that information available on the Bank website is always complete and accurate, except for information published pursuant to the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia or arising out of contractual relationships between the Bank and its customers.

10. Various functional solutions are available for users of the Bank website: lease calculator, mortgage loan calculator, currency converter, etc.

10.1. The Bank shall not be responsible for technical errors. which might arise while using the functional solutions, since these functional solutions operate on the basis of current information and are provided for information only.

10.2. The Bank shall not be obliged or committed to provide services reflected by using the functional solutions.

10.3. The Bank shall not be liable for any expenses or losses, which might incur while using the Bank website, also if the Bank or its representative has been aware of errors on the website.

11. The Bank website may contain links to third party sites. The Bank shall not undertake liability neither for content of third party sites and services provided, nor for losses or damages incurred because of following such links available on the Bank website.

12. The Bank website activities shall be regulated by the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia, which are also applicable to these Regulations. All disputes, which arise while using the Bank website or in relation to these Regulations, are to be resolved pursuant to the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia

13. The Bank does not collect any personal data of the customer on its website, except for the information, which the customer submits on a voluntary basis. For instance, but not solely, while sending a message to the Bank via chat feature, filling out an application for any of the banking services. Any data provided by customers in this way shall not be available to third parties.

14. Functioning of the Bank website involves cookies to offer all of its options. The customer can disable cookies at any time, which will result in limiting the customer’s options while using the Bank website.