A mobile application for remote account management, which is always with you in your smartphone. PrivatSecure – quickness, convenience and maximum level of security!


PrivatSecure advantages:

  • receive an envelope with a serial number and an activation code at any branch of the Bank, and to install an application from Google Play or App Store to the smartphone;

  • PrivatSecure can be used for payment confirmation immediately after entering the activation code;

  • PrivatSecure is always with you in your smartphone. There is no need to carry the Digipass code calculator;

  • with PrivatSecure, you are able to sign any payment amount. Use of PrivatSecure is free-of-charge.

Maximum level of security:


The PIN code created for access to PrivatSecure is only known to you – it is neither stored nor sent anywhere.


After the PIN code for access to PrivatSecure has been entered incorrectly 5 times, the application is blocked.


It is impossible to use the generated unique numerical code the second time.

The codes acquired using PrivatSecure can be used for:

  • authorization in the Internetbank;

  • signing of payment orders, messages, applications in the Internetbank;

  • confirmation of purchases in internet using the 3D Secure technology;

  • You can download PrivatSecure in Google Play or Apple App Store;

  • PrivatSecure manual ir available here;

  • Currently, PrivatSecure is available for smartphones running Android OS 4.0 and above or iOS.