Visa Junior

From 1 October 2020, the Bank stops concluding new payment card agreement. From 31 January 2021, the servicing of payment cards will be discontinued.

With Junior Card you can:

  • Be sure that your child’s money is safe the child’s funds will be safely stored in “electronic wallet”;

  • Transfer funds in the PrivatBank branch or via internet banking;

  • Be informed about child’s expenses via SMS Banking;

  • Set a regular payment for fund transfer from your card to Junior card.

How to receive a Junior card free of charge? You can apply for Junior card in any PrivatBank branch.


A parent (mother, father) or a guardian shall take a passport / eID card and passport / eID card and birth certificate of the child.


A junior shall have a personal mobile phone number.


Junior card is executed just within 15 minutes.


Wide possibilities with Junior card:

  • International card use it anywhere in the world;

  • Money safekeeping on the daily basis as well as during trips abroad;

  • You can block withdrawing of cash from the ATM for your child;

  • Possibility to determine the child’s daily and monthly expense amount;

  • By using regular payment service, you can constantly transfer funds from your card account to your child’s account;

  • Funds can be transferred via internet banking.